Danielle Simpson

Danielle Simpson

Founder, Speaker, Consultant

Hey, I'm Danielle

I started FeedbackPanda from an idea, with my partner Arvid Kahl, in 2017. We then built a thriving community around the product, bootstrapped it to 55K MRR, and sold it for a life-changing amount of money midway through 2019.

As a founder, you wear every necessary hat, but on FeedbackPanda I took the lead on product design, product management, business strategy, community building, marketing, finance, team management, and business development. I am currently doing it all again, working on my second Saas – Vitality Champ.

I didn’t start my career in tech. I am actually a trained opera singer, but through cofounding a SaaS, I have realised that creativity can be channeled into many different forms.

Now I see that art has less to do with the medium you are working through and more to do with the change you inspire in others.

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